Honda Service Connector 070MZ0010300

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This service connector is needed on a wide range of Honda powersport engines – ATVs, motorcycles, and personal watercraft all require this basic tool. It puts the ECM into a diagnostic mode.

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While many fuel injection diagnostic tools are expensive and complex, there are some that are simple and easy to use. The Honda Service Check Short (SCS) service connector is a simple jumper connector that is used to check and erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). This SCS service connector is needed on a wide range of Honda powersport engines.

The tool, part number 070MZ0010300, is an electrical connector with a built in jumper wire between pins 1 and 3. This puts the ECM into a diagnostic mode.

This tool is also required for the installation of the following accessories – to enable each accessory in the TFT screen menu:
OEM Honda Quickshifter
OEM Honda Heated Grips
OEM Honda Fog Lights
OEM Honda Electronic Suspension

Not for use with older 4-pin diagnostic ports.

To Reset Check Engine light:

  1. Turn off Ignition
  2. Insert tool
  3. Turn the ignition switch ON and the engine stop switch to RUN.
  4. Remove the special tool to disconnect the jump.
  5. The MIL will light for approximately 5 seconds.
  6. While the MIL lights, short the DLC terminals again.
  7. The self-diagnostic memory is erased if the MIL goes off and then starts blinking.
  8. Turn off bike and remove tool.

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  1. KR

    Suzuki uses the same style service connector. I used it to reset my oil service reminder. Great tool to have in the toolbox.

  2. Adriaan Mulder

    Supplied as a surprise for preorder of the cruise control. Very appreciated and effective

  3. Todd Sneath

    Cruise control works great


    And it works!

  5. Michel Plamondon

    Good product thanks

  6. Vichith Sourisack

    Works perfectly, thank you for the gift.

  7. Bb Vd werff

    Installing the cruise control was not difficult, I am very happy with it, I am working on fine tuning, I could not do without it anymore, greetings Ben.

  8. Nicholas Posey

    I’ve had zero issues with the system. It mounts easily even with my Bark Buster hand guards,it always engages every time I push the button and it stops every time I hit the brakes. it is very good at holding my speed when engaged. The instructions were very easy for the install for excellent product!

  9. Alena S.

    Thank you for the gift.

  10. Michael Crews

    Received product in timely manner, seeing that it was a pre ordered item. Installation instructions could have been a bit more detailed. Between the instructions and online videos, overall not too bad. Did have a check engine light come on and would not clear with provided instructions. Had to find how to use reset tool online and once cleared, stayed clear. Operation is straightforward. Holds speed fairly well, within 2-3 mph. I’m hoping for an update with new switches to have increase/decrease capabilities. One can hope!
    Also the mount for the switch should be able to be installed without removing throttle controls. Otherwise, price was reasonable and it does work as advertised. I use it often even on short trips. Overall, a nice product and recommended.

  11. joel zarmati

    I have now used and tried the cruise control on my Transalp for about 200+ hours on flat and hilly roads and it performed very nicely with between a plus or minus 1 to 3 mph fluctuation on climbs and descends which to me is perfect.
    Easy but tedious install due to removing all the stuff for access.Not complicated though.So far it works great.Hope that lasts.

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