HONDA XL750 ’23+ TransAlp

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This kit adds electronic cruise control to the Honda XL750 TransAlp adventure bike. Works like it does in your car. A few plugs and 1 wire tap gets you going.

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Now includes a Honda Service Connector!


  • 2023-Onward XL750 TransAlp

Triple Button Switch

A 3 button switch for controlling the cruise functions is included. Fully watertight and durable. Mounts directly to standard 22mm handlebars with a fully opening bracket. This option provides 3 buttons.

  • Resume / Increase
  • Cancel
  • SET/ Decrease

Heated Grips, LED lights, and other upgrade compatibility

This kit is not compatible with aftermarket brake flashers.

This kit is compatible with aftermarket LED kits.

This kit is compatible with stock and aftermarket heated grips.

Cruise Stop Conditions

We know it’s paramount on motorbikes to quickly kill the cruise control in as many situations as possible. Our module will disengage cruise control for any one of the following conditions:

  • Engine RPM rises above 8000
  • Front or Rear Brake Depressed
  • Throttle grip exceed cruise control by 5%
  • Any one of the required CANBUS packets are not updated within 1000 milliseconds


The module has a weather tight USB-C connector for changing various settings such as speed increment size, PID gain, and throttle limits.

Diagnostic Port

This kit uses the diagnostic port of your bike. If you need diagnostics you can simply unplug our module and the kit will still run in bypass mode.

Install Difficulty

To install this kit you must get access to the fuel tank area. About 1 -2 hours install time with proper tools. T-harness will override the throttle signals and diagnostic connector will collect important speed data. This kit also requires a single T-Tap connection into the brake wire.

Manual /  Install

Click here for PDF Installation manual

Additional information

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  1. J H

    Love it ,Works great, Makes longer highway trips easy on the wrist. Reccomended

  2. Branden Fontaine

    Install was fairly straightforward. Everything works as it should. I recommend installing the soft switch on the left handlebar as it’s easier to reach.

  3. Daniel Case

    Product works great! Install takes a few hours, but is not that difficult. Great having cruise control on the bike now! Quality product with good instructions, though it was nice having the maintenance manual…also recommend reviewing Big Rock Moto video on the install.

  4. Adam Saville

    Great product
    Fairly straight forward to install. Lots of panels need to be removed, but its good to learn how.
    I’m enjoying this product, it works as advertised.

  5. J Baker

    Kit works great and was fairly simply to install thought the instructions could be a bit more detailed. One recommendation I tell everyone is to mount the soft touch switch on the left between the grip and switch housing rather than on the right as indicated in the instructions. Much easier to reach and use in this location, though it does require removing the glued on left grip due to the 1-piece design of the switch bracket. Hoping Veridian follows through with a future updated switch that will incorporate accel/decel/resume functions as well to make it a fully functional cruise control system.

  6. Lawrence Prins

    I am very happy with Veridian cruise control. The install is not complicated although the disassembly of the bike was tedious–but that is a Honda thing. I did receive timely support from Jackson when there were questions on my part.

  7. Ryan Beales

    Easy install, lots of panels to remove but it’s a Transalp, nothing to do with this kit. The actual brains of the thing is filled with epoxy and looks very solid. It’s a tight squeeze in there but everything fits along with the Honda heated grips cabling too. My only issue is it’s very harsh/sudden when turning off via the brake or switch, usually I’ll roll on the throttle a little then back off to disable it for a smoother ride. There is some tuning that can be done but I haven’t looked at that yet. It’ll hunt around at lower rpms but 70km/h+ in any gear is perfect. I use it a lot though! It is a reach from the throttle hand but I only ever turn it on where the left hand can reach over anyway. Never had a bike with cruise control but 1000% would not buy one without it again but this kit adds it to the bike I already have.


    Works very well. Better with minimum engine braking setting. Very tight to connect the purple wire for the brake signal. Set the TPS but the check engine light took a few runs before the bike switched the dash light off.

  9. brian mcintosh

    Aggree with the other comments.
    I didnt see the need to remove the tank myself which would save a lot of work.
    Mounting the switch on the left mirror stem again saved a ton of work and is much easier to use than on the right as per the instuctions.
    A nice improvment would be a resume function.

  10. TTorres1183

    If you reading this buy the Veridian cruise. You won’t be disappointed!

  11. Michel Plamondon

    Trust this guy working fine on my transalp

  12. Jatupong Tanathip

    ‘-Professional delivery.
    -The price is very affordable.
    -It really work.
    -Installation is not difficult but takes time.
    -Hopefully it will be durable and have a long service life.’


    Product works perfectly. Installation wasn’t bad. Quality is great.

  14. Scott Sutherland

    Like others I mounted the switch to the left mirror, which saved a ton of time. Would like to see a future switch iteration with a hinge, similar to a quad-lock mount. I’ll echo what others have said, the install isn’t difficult just a tad fidly with all the body panels that need to be removed, blame Honda for that though.

    Unfortunately, I had to test the customer service rather quickly as the first cruise unit module sent to me was DOA. Luckily Jackson got me squared away after the troubleshooting info I sent him. He immediately sent me out a replacement unit which has worked great so far. Really impressed with the response and resolution speed to my issues.

  15. Chris Mutton

    I recently completed a trip from Alaska to Terra del Fuego on my Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer and whilst this bike returned to the UK in a container from South America I bought a new Honda Trans Alp 750 which is a hugely capable bike for less than half the price of my Tiger and 60kg lighter but unfortunately Honda didn’t include cruise control as an option. This makes long distance riding a real pain on an otherwise very comfortable bike. I was surprised when watching Big Rock Moto on Youtube to see that you had already produced a cruise control so quickly and at such a reasonable price. I recently fitted your supplied cruise control which was relatively straight forward especially after following your Youtube tutorial. Your cruise control works very well and it has significantly upgraded my Honda so that I can take it on my next expedition.

  16. adrien andrade-Cain

    Amazing Product

  17. Ralph

    The veridian cruise for the 24 Transalp works very well. It maintains the speed it is set at with a variation of one mph up or down depending on the terrain.

    Installation is straight forward. The body work is the most time consuming.

    When I installed it the check engine light set so I performed the throttle calibration several times. Put it all back together and test ride it.. it didn’t work. The check engine light stayed on.I e-mailed them and they responded within an hour. They suggested I perform another throttle calibration. This time before I did the reset I reset the check engine light with the included short connector did the calibration and it worked as it should.

    Very good support.

  18. Ori Gonen

    Works like a charm.
    Installed the controller on the left side,
    I think it’s better that way.

  19. Ken Slee

    Pretty much all plug and play, But after install Brake light stays on. removed but brake light stays on.Off to dealer to repair.

  20. keith caverly

    took a few minutes to dig out the wiring but installation thereafter and operation smooth and straight forward.

  21. David Giorlando

    Minor delay due to production. No problem. Used soft switch and works as promised. Holds speed exactly where you set it. Install of kit is very simple. Taking the bike apart is time consuming. Expect to spend about 3hrs installing if you have crash bars already installed. Definitely recommend this product.

    David Giorlando
    President Central Valley Dual Sport

  22. Vichith Sourisack

    Works great, install was fairly easy with the instructions provided. Great product for the 2024 Transalp. I’m very happy with the product from ordering to install, and first ride.

  23. James

    The cruise control was easy to install. The annoying bit was removing all of the plastics and lifting the tank. But once that was done unplugging the connectors, plugging them back in, and tapping the wire were all simple and straight forward. Cruise control works great at maintaining speed, usually staying +-2 or 3mph.

  24. David Skaggs

    Got Veridian cruise control for my Transalp just in time for my Mexico to Canada adventure. This is an awesome product looks factory and works as advertised. I highly recommend it! 😁

  25. Joao T. Prata

    A bit long to install but worth the money and the time spent on it.
    Very good product, seems to be from factory (soft switch in my case)
    Totally recommend!

  26. Ancelin

    Bonjour j’ai installé le regulateur de vitesse pour la transalp 750 beaucoup de boulot pour l installé conter 3h30 en tout fonctionne très bien je ne regrette pas mon achat. Merci à veridian cruise

  27. Rich Furstoss

    I like working on stuff and installing.
    Easy install.
    Live in Fingerlakes area of NY. Great on the hills.

  28. David Jones

    Excellent product from such a new company, easy to install and works faultlessly. Could not be happier with the product, the only downside is the amount of bodywork you need to remove but that’s not Veridian’s fault

  29. Keith Cole

    Nice kit, easy install. Works well. Order arrived just in time for a 10k ride.

  30. Pascal LÉVÊQUE

    I wonder if it Will be easy To install…and it was…i spend an afternoon To install the veridian cruise( mainly with the Transalp fairing )and at the end first test ride and all is ok…good job.
    Today i made 1oo km on the highway and it works Well and it easy To use.
    Ps.sory for my english,i didnt write english for a long time …✌✌✌👍👍👍

  31. John Colleary

    This has been an excellent purchase. it is well made, easy to install and works as advertised. I highly recommend it.

  32. Steven Ortiz Betancourt

    Ordered it so I could install it here in Costa Rica, the YT video tutorial saved me so much trouble. Great detail to have on the TA. Well done guys!

  33. Beniamin Kis

    I would give it a 5-star if it had “resume” functionality. I know the module is capable of it, but as I understood, the 3-button switch will be available as an upgrade later.

    Also, the instructions could have been better structured. I saw the picture with the push-pins too late in my process to open the bike and I have broken 2-3 push-pins 🙁
    I have also broken 2-3 hooks from the tank shelter, because there is a pull-back action before lifting the plastic which is not written in the instructions.

    But other than the not-so-detailed instructions and the fact that “resume” function will come as an upgrade, the product works very well and I love it!

  34. Robert Eason

    This cruise control was generally easy to install, it took a couple hours mostly the time was spent removing the bodywork. It seems to work very well and to this point I am very happy with it .

  35. michael z

    First of all, the product works perfectly. The install is not fun but with a few beers and good music, you can get it done no problem. The real diamond here is the customer service I received from Jackson. This guy worked with me to swap one system for another (preinstall) when he didn’t have to. He went above and beyond to help this work for my application and he really didn’t have to. Thank you so much for working with me to get this accomplished! Can’t say enough kind words about the customer service!

    The product works very well but took a while to install due to Honda burring the wiring harness behind all the bodywork. I ended up with 5 bolts that I can not figure out where they go but everything is working perfectly anyway. Overengineered form Honda I’d say lol.

    You really can’t go wrong with this product and the price is very affordable.

  36. Tony Willett

    This feature should have been included as original equipment/option, so this product was very welcome. The install was straight forward and easy. The only part of the install that I was not real happy with is the brake signal splice. I would have ponied up the extra money for a connector interception harness so I didn’t have to cut into the factory wiring.

    All said and done the system works great. The location of the button collar is not optimal (not Veridian’s fault). I tried other locations, especially on left bar but nothing really worked about positioning. So the final location is as Veridian install video demonstrates.

    My ultimate position of the product is that this is a must buy addition for the Transalp if you intend on doing any highway miles. It looks OEM and has worked flawlessly in the short time it has been installed.

  37. Bb Vd werff

    This cruise control was generally easy to install, it took a couple hours and i am fine tuning. It seems to work very well and to this point I am very happy with it .

  38. Josh Peets

    I understand that Honda didn’t ship this bike with cruise for cost saving measures (or they’re hoping you buy the Africa Twin) but for $300, this is a no brainer. Fairly straightforward install. The hardest part was disassembling the bike. I did have an issue with the T-Tap connection not actually making a connection with the brake signal. I verified this with an ohm meter. I had to take my pocket knife and skin the Honda brake signal wire and then crimp the T-Tap and it worked fine after that. A butt splice may have been a better option but I understand if people don’t want to hack their factory wiring apart. Cruise works great. Holds speed properly and I like how tapping either brake, or rolling on the throttle defeats it for emergency situations. Very pleased with this purchase!

  39. Alena S.

    Everything works perfectly, thank you for the gift. Good work. Thank you.

  40. Jindrich Riha

    Work perfectly and very quick delivery.

  41. Paul G. 🇬🇧

    Great piece of kit, Honda should have put this on as standard. Fitting is ok but not for the faint hearted,instructions very clear and easy to follow, will certainly get the newer switch unit with the resume button on when it is released.

  42. Jim Demerling

    Installation was super easy with the video and functionality the unit works as advertised and is a game changer for long trips.

  43. Stephen Danter

    I received some very good backup from meridian when I had issues with the wiring loom, they sent me a replacement immediately, thanks for that.
    I am currently touring France on my Honda and to be honest am a bit disappointed, the cruise control holds the set speed quite well, 2 or 3 mph variance, but it needs to have more features like the ability to notch the speed up or down a couple of mph when your in cruise mode, resume would also be nice, but to not be able to adjust the speed after it’s been set is a massive issue for me. Every time you start to catch up with another bike in the group for example you need to cancel the cruise, attempt to rematch their speed and then set the cruise hoping you haven’t adjusted your speed on the throttle in the meantime.
    I found it to difficult to set having the control on the same side as the throttle, I was reaching across with my left hand to press the set button, so I cut notches out of the inside of the switch ring(as demonstrated in one of the companies vids) and fitted it to my clutch side at the last minute before going away. Downside with that is now my clutch lever hits against the switch cluster when I pull it in…fortunately the clutch is so bad on the Honda that that makes no difference to it working or not.
    I would strongly suggest that when fitting the cruise control switch, fit it on the clutch side.
    Apologies for sounding so negative, it really is a step in the right direction, just needs expanding on.

  44. Joe Pugh

    Works as described, good directions using youtube video. Working great and a nice add on to the Transalp.

  45. Paul

    I had the dealer install mine while they were doing other “under the hood” work. Great addition to the bike!

  46. Alis

    Excellent produit. le montage nécessite un peu de patience, principalement pour le démontage des panneaux de carrosserie (mais pas plus que pour un simple changement de filtre à air) mais c’est facile et accessible à quelqu’un d’un peu bricoleur. Aucun souci de paramétrage ou de fonctionnement. J’ai positionné le bouton entre le commodo gauche et le support de rétroviseur. Le levier touche un peu le commodo lorsque l’on débraye mais ça ne nuit pas au fonctionnement de l’embrayage. J’effectuerai un nouveau démontage pour replacer le boitier un peu plus haut dans le carénage. Pour cela, il est nécessaire de décrocher la broche qui vient du faisceau ride-by-wire de sa lamelle métallique pour gagner de l’amplitude sur le faisceau. En effet, la position indiquée sur la vidéo Youtube gêne l’accès au remontage de la vis de maintien du réservoir.
    J’attends avec impatience le nouveau bouton de mise à jour avec fonction “resume”, et pourquoi pas “+ / -“.
    Ce cruise control était l’équipement absent de la Transalp. Merci à Veridian pour cette production

  47. Felix Meyer

    I am genuinely thankful to the owner of this website for sharing his brilliant ideas. I can see how much you’ve helped everybody who comes across your page.

  48. Isao

    The installation of the kit itself was not that difficult, but if I had known the location of each connector that connects to the kit in advance, I think it would have been a little easier.
    For reference, the location of each connector is listed in 1-26 of the service manual.
    Connector interrupt: [RIGHT HANDLEBAR SWITCH (APS) 8P CONNECTOR]
    The only thing I regret is that the Set/Resume/Cancel buttons came standard with the product.
    The product works fine so far, and it looks like it will make long-distance touring much easier.
    Thank you for a great product!

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