HONDA NC750 2021+


This kit adds electronic cruise control to the Honda NC750x Explorer bike. Works like it does in your car. A few plugs and 1 wire tap gets you going.

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Now includes a Honda Service Connector!


  • 2021-2025 NC750x
  • 2021-2025 NC750x DCT

Triple Button Switch

A 3 button switch for controlling the cruise functions is included. Fully watertight and durable. Mounts directly to standard 22mm handlebars with a fully opening bracket. This option provides 3 buttons.

  • Resume / Increase
  • Cancel
  • SET/ Decrease

Heated Grips, LED lights, and other upgrade compatibility

This kit is not compatible with aftermarket brake flashers.

This kit is compatible with aftermarket LED kits.

This kit is compatible with stock and aftermarket heated grips.

Cruise Stop Conditions

We know it’s paramount on motorbikes to quickly kill the cruise control in as many situations as possible. Our module will disengage cruise control for any one of the following conditions:

  • Engine RPM rises above 6800
  • Front or Rear Brake Depressed
  • Throttle grip exceed cruise control by 5%
  • Any one of the required CANBUS packets are not updated within 1000 milliseconds


The module has a weather tight USB-C connector for changing various settings such as speed increment size, PID gain, and throttle limits.

Diagnostic Port

This kit uses the diagnostic port of your bike. If you need diagnostics you can simply unplug our module and the kit will still run in bypass mode.

Install Difficulty

About 1 -2 hours install time with proper tools. T-harness will override the throttle signals and diagnostic connector will collect important speed data. This kit also requires a single T-Tap connection into the brake wire.

Manual /  Install

Coming Soon

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