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KTM 390 '20-'23 Adventure/RC Cruise Control

KTM 390 '20-'23 Adventure/RC Cruise Control

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This kit adds much needed cruise control to the venerable KTM 390 Duke and Adventure bikes. This kit requires no splicing, cutting, programming, just plug in and cruise.


  • 2020 - 2023 390 Adventure
  • 2020 - 2023 RC390

    Choice of switch

    Factory 890

    A factory KTM 890 combination switch is provided. This has all the same features plus cruise control. The combination switch is modified and rewired to match the 390 plugs.

    Soft Touch Switch

    This new soft touch switch is marked with set and cancel icons. Best for budgets and OEM looks, No RESUME function. Mounts on a standard 22mm bar. Watertight and made from durable PA6+20%GF. See product page for dimensions.

    Micro Toggle

    If you are looking for something more budget friendly we can also supply a top notch waterproof micro toggle for mounting anywhere. The toggle option only provides SET and Cancel functions, No Resume. This does fit inside the existing switch housing with only a 1/4" drill and some neat wire routing.

    LED lights and other upgrade compatibility

    This kit is 100% compatible with any aftermarket lights and kits. No wire splicing or messing with brake wires.

    Cruise Stop Conditions

    We know its paramount on motorbikes to quickly kill the cruise control in as many situations as possible. Our module will disengage cruise control for any one of the following conditions

    • Engine RPM signal falls below 1000 or above defined max
    • Front brake lever*
    • Clutch lever is pulled
    • Bike transmission is in first gear or neutral
    • Any one of the required CANBUS packets are not updated within 1000 milliseconds
    • A difference of 10% between the front and rear wheels

    *The 390 CANBUS does not provide rear brake information


    The module has a weather tight USB-C connector for changing various settings such as speed increment size, PID gain, and throttle limits.

    Diagnostic Port

    This kit uses the diagnostic port of your bike. If you want a second port for OBD and Off Road dongles see addon section.

    Install Difficulty

    To install this kit you must remove the tank and split the headlight housing. About 2 hours install time with proper tools. T-harness will override the throttle signals and diagnostic connector will collect important speed data.

    Manual /  Install

    Click here for PDF Installation manual

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Kevin L
    Must Have

    Install went fine, wires definitely tight to put bezel back together. Opted for the handlebar mounted soft touch switch. Takes a bit longer to install having to remove grips/clutch perch to slide on. Probably would splurge for the OEM KTM switch if I were to install again. All in all this kit works flawless! Would not ride the bike without having this option.

    Adventure Rider
    It works for 2024 KTM 390 Adventure

    Customer service great and product as represented !!! And it works on my 2024 KTM 390 Adventure!!

    Steve C.

    Easy to fit. Bit of a pain to get all the wiring squeezed back into the headlight housing but managed it in the end. Works well.
    Only suggestion for improvement would be the soft touch switch. It does not open up enough to go over the bars (without removing the handgrips/switchblock etc). I did not want to remove my grips as I had just glued on new heated grips, so I had to cut the switch to get it over the bars. I drilled 2 small holes and used a zip tie to secure it. Maybe future versions could have a hinge or a two part mount so it can be fitted on the bars without grip/switchblock removal.

    Bruno L
    Game changer for long trips!

    I purchased the harness with the OEM 890 Switch (love the factory look!). Finally had the bike out for a longer 200mi+ ride and truly love it! It holds a nice steady speed and is super simple to use. Yes, the install is tedious, but customer support is great and it is so worth it in the end! I no longer dread fwy riding on this bike; it used to be frustrating trying to keep a steady speed since a low power bike is easily affected by wind, hills, etc. The cruise control completely fixes that annoyance and you get to rest your hand. Highly recommend it!

    Michael Orgera
    Worth every penny

    Just installed on my 2022 RC390. Bike should have come with this from the factory. Install was easy just take your time. On the RC didn’t even need to remove the gas tank, or side faring to install. Beyond happy with the product and works great!!

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