What Is This?

Hello World,

We are Veridian Cruise, a group of ADV riders who want to rest our wrists. Within our group of frequent riders we are all KTM people 1190, 390 and 890. And after riding the 890 with cruise control it makes the long ride out to the mountains that much easier. So our project is simple. Provide affordable cruise control modules for KTM bikes that never got the option, and possibly expand this to other bikes. T7 and Honda Rally bikes we see on the trails.

Goals for the first launch product:

  1. Simple plug and play module. This needs to be removable in the field.
  2. Super reliable integrating all available safety features like front and rear brakes, clutch, RPM and speed inputs.
  3. Use the factory KTM switch for OEM look and reliability. 
  4. Pricing under $450USD with KTM switch, Budget option with a basic toggle switch.

More posts and testing to come, we want to have these kits in the field this summer.

Pre-Orders opening soon

Here is a preview of the first test PCB. 


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