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This software package enables additional features in the ABS control unit and the ECU. Drive, MTC, and suspension modes are not saved, sadly.

No need to buy a second dongle anymore. Even better than a dongle, you can turn the software on and off from the cockpit with just the cruise switches.  

ABS - Adventure Bikes

Allows for switching between ABS Road, ABS Offroad (Front Only), and OFF. Setting is saved between restarts

ABS - Enduro Bikes

Allows for switching between ABS Offroad (Front Only), and OFF.  For 690 Setting is saved between restarts. For 701 No settings are saved.

Bad Fuel - Adventure Bikes 

Additionally, a new "80 octane" setting will be available in the options menu (up to model year 2016). When enabled, reduced engine power for trips with lower fuel quality. MTC must be manually deactivated in the "MTC/ABS" menu. KTM recommends to only use this for 1 tank of fuel.


The 'OFFROAD PACK' 60600980000 is additionally required for the 1050/1090 ADVENTURE to be able to use this software. 

Your dash will now show 'Illegal' upon startup and all that is required upon startup from now on will be hitting the return key.

For Offroad use only.


  • Husqvarna 701 (Euro 4)
  • Gas Gas 700 (Euro 4)
  • KTM 690 Duke 2018-2019
  • KTM 690 Enduro R 2014-2023
  • KTM 690 SMC R 2019-2023
  • KTM 1050 Adventure R 2015-2016
  • KTM 1090 Adventure R 2017-2019
  • KTM 1190 Adventure 2013-2016
  • KTM 1190 Adventure R 2013-2016
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