Update on Pre-Orders, Looking for Videographer/ vloggers

Update on Pre-Orders, Looking for Videographer/ vloggers

So far my personal 1190 has racked up about 2000km with the kit. Lots of software tuning to get the PID right but I am really happy with it.
We also have our 390 test bike with a kit and a similar amount of km. Again, some tuning but otherwise works great. We have decided not to worry about the rear brake at this time. The cruise will deactivate on button press, front brake, clutch, gear change, or wheel slip.

We have shipped 4 kits to trusted customers this week so hopefully those deployments all go well. Stock and component wise we have enough for 50 kits and most of the supply chain is in stock for more orders. There is one chip for the CANBUS transceiver (ISO1042) giving us some trouble however we can work around that for the time being. Orders will be shipped as we can build ideally in the next 6 weeks. 

We are also looking for videographers or vlogs who own these target bikes. Ideally someone with an established YouTube page to help us create an install video which will help other customers. Video is all the rage these days.

Otherwise pre-orders are open now. We are waiting for some more long term testing of the kits and some final details, minor bits and bobs, and all the fussy stuff like stickers and printing manuals. Orders will be filled as we build the kits.

There has also been quite a few requests for the 690 so I'll be trying to get one of those later this summer.

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